Call Us to Place Your Order!

Call Us to Place Your Order!



It’s Getting Closer!

Guess what March brings? That’s right, we’re back in the boat shop. We opened the doors on Monday, March 2nd for the season. Gene will be back in April but the rest of the crew is cleaning, prepping the bays and working on boats! We’re changing up some inventory, getting new tubes/inflatables in, new life vests and all the goods for an awesome 2020 boating season. Stop by and see us! Mention this post and let us know that you were checking out our website. We’re also adding content to the website and going to be more active on social media this year.

Also, if you have any special request on accessories, now would be the time to place your order. We’ll be making orders in the coming weeks for the new stock we plan on carrying. Before you know it, you’ll need it. This is also a good time to go through your safety gear on your vessel to make sure the fire extinguisher is still good, flares (if you carry them) aren’t expired, first aid kits are stocked, you have enough floatation devices and life vests. Don’t forget we even carry vests for your fur babies!

As always, thank you for being our customers.